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La Country House
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Hiking and long trips, with the tent and for the bivouacs in the mountains of Abruzzo; covering trails and mule tracks on a Mountain Bike, going down breathtaking slopes and pedalling for days while on a bike.

Skiing away from the normal ski paths: free ride, mountain and cross-country skiing and snowboarding in search of adrenaline and immaculate slopes; mountain climbing and rock climbing, indoor and outdoor on rocks and ice.

Hiking and horseback riding immersed in the nature of the surrounding areas and all along the coast.

These are just some of the activities that you can do at Le Grotte dei Saraceni:

Oasi Naturalistica, parco botanico

Oasi Naturalistica parco botanico "Le fonti del vascello"


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Escursioni a Cavallo

Horseback riding excursions

Dettagli offerta

Thanks to an agreement that the facility has with My Dream Ranch Horseback Riding School, we offer our guests the ability to plan trips on horseback at a discounted rate.

The school also allows you to keep your horse in their Ranch for the duration of your stay in the Country House. This is just one more reason to spend a holiday in Abruzzo in the company of your faithful four-legged friend!

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike excursions


With a mountain bike you can experience the thrill of speed and enjoy all the colours of nature on a multitude of old dirt roads, mountain trails and tracks. 

With the pleasure of riding trails that wind for miles through the woods and prairies.




Walking on trails in the countryside, sleeping in tents, in bivouacs, in refuges and under the stars. Snowshoeing during the winter, in the snowy woods and high meadows.

Crossing the western range of the Gran Sasso.
From Campo Imperatore to the pass of the Capannelle for Pizzo Cefalone, Papa Giovanni Paolo II Peak, the Malecoste, the Pizzo Camarda, Monte Jenca and the Panepucci Alessandri refuge.

Laga - Gran Sasso. The great hike
From the waterfalls of the Laga to the walls of the Gran Sasso.

On the tracks of Annibale
Two days in the high grasslands of the Montagna dei Fiori.

Discovering hermit retreats and cheese factories on the Montagna dei Fiori

Guida AlpinaGuida AlpinaFor more informations please contact:
Pasquale Iannetti - +39 333 36 47 557 -

Sci alpinismo

Mountain skiing


This activity will lead to the discovery of natural and fascinating environments, on beautiful white snow-covered slopes on your skis and with your snowboard.

The locations for these activities are the Parks of Abruzzo, Lazio and Marche. During the holiday season, from December 26 to January 7,  there are daily trips for mountain skiing.

Guida AlpinaGuida AlpinaFor more informations please contact:
Pasquale Iannetti - +39 333 36 47 557 -

Escursionismo alpinistico

High altitude mountain hiking


Via Jannetta to the Paretone, Alta Via del Gran Sasso, Sentiero del Centenario

Via Jannetta
An itinerary of incomparable beauty that from Casale S. Nicola goes up towards the Eastern walls of the Corno Grande along grassy ledges and rocky cliffs, among snowy peaks and gushing waterfalls.

Alta Via del Gran Sasso
The famous ledge that obliquely cuts the larger wall of the Gran Sasso. A high altitude mountain upward slope that takes you to the base of the Pilastri through the Sivitilli canal and then with a ledge that cuts the Farfalla on the upper part, allows you to reach the Bafile bivouac.

Sentiero del Centenario
Long and extraordinary path that is without a doubt the most spectacular and beautiful ridge of the entire Mountain Range. It takes nine hours from the refuge of Fonte Vetica to Vado di Corno for Monte Camicia, Monte Prena, the Torri di Casanova and Monte Brancastello.

Guida AlpinaGuida AlpinaFor more informations please contact:
Pasquale Iannetti - +39 333 36 47 557 -


Mountain climbing


On natural cliffs or indoors

  • Basic introductory climbing courses for beginners.
  • Specialization and perfecting courses for technical aspects.

Guida AlpinaGuida AlpinaFor more informations please contact:
Pasquale Iannetti - +39 333 36 47 557 -

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