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Children and families

The Grotte dei Saraceni Country House is an establishment that is made to measure for children and one that pays professional attention to the needs of families. Younger guests can have fun in the wide open spaces and in particular in the large outside playground in the middle of the lovely garden that surrounds our agritourism establishment.

With the arrival of the lovely weather, children, just as much as adults, need to recharge their batteries, breathe in clean air and take walks pampered by the sunlight. The open air is without a doubt a panacea that helps eliminate those toxins acquired in the city, reinvigorates the body and strengthens immune systems. It is therefore of extreme value for children and youngsters.

Abruzzo and nature

Children’s curiosity,  natural sense of adventure and propensity to play and discover will be fully satisfied in this environment surrounded by nature and the countryside. For younger children it can become a lesson in life, a pleasant memory to tell their friends or classmates about. Learning about plants and animals and going for outings along country lanes will become a journey through the history of farming. It’s difficult to become bored in the country! Its closeness to the coastal areas and the Adriatic of the Abruzzo region, means it is possible to plan relaxing outings to the seaside and the province of Teramo's beautiful resorts, all of which have bathing establishments with children’s games or play areas.

The word ‘countryside’ is undoubtedly synonymous with ‘healthy air’ but also with wholesome food. At the Grotte dei Saraceni  agritourism establishment children can eat their fill of delicious mouth-watering jams and preserves and all the other delicacies made from fresh local produce. Every dish is prepared in accordance with the local traditional recipes of Abruzzo, because good health begins at the dining table, and the Abruzzo region is the place to go to for authenticity and the generosity of nature!



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Spa - Centro Benessere

The wellbeing of individuals is the new philosophy that was the inspiration behind the idea of a wellness and sports facility due to open shortly at the Grotte dei Saraceni Country House.

Spa - Wellness Centre

La Piscina

The Grotte dei Saraceni Country House offers its guests a large swimming pool located in the large park that surrounds the establishment.


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