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The Caves

The Grotte dei Saraceni , after which the Country House is named, are particular structures which were once commonly found across all of the surrounding area, but of which, sadly, only a few examples are to be found today.

The Grotte dei Saraceni  are in fact ancient reservoirs made of concrete that, until last century, were used by the inhabitants of the countryside to store their water and irrigate their fields. There are some who actually think that these may have been sacred sites at some point in the distant past, because of the discovery of coins, utensils and human bones in some of them.




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Spa - Centro Benessere

The wellbeing of individuals is the new philosophy that was the inspiration behind the idea of a wellness and sports facility due to open shortly at the Grotte dei Saraceni Country House.

Spa - Wellness Centre

La Piscina

The Grotte dei Saraceni Country House offers its guests a large swimming pool located in the large park that surrounds the establishment.


Pacchetti Benessere

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Packages Wellness

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