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Each generation of the Cerulli Irelli family, with its origins firmly rooted in Teramo, has  been intensely involved in the public life of  their ancestral land, with the passion for agriculture and the enthusiasm for anything worthwhile that might help to improve the economy of the province.

Enrico Cerulli Irelli, the owner's father, dedicated his life to farming with an innovative approach, introducing the most advanced systems for management and cultivation. His marriage to Maddalena Spinozzi resulted in the merger of two farming businesses and today the Cerulli Irelli Spinozzi farm represents an outstanding business in the area as well as a winery of prestige.

It is precisely on one of the old share-cropping holdings of the former Spinozzi family property that the "Grotte dei Saraceni” (Saracen Caves) was created. It was chosen by Giovanni Cerulli Irelli for its unique location, so isolated from everyone and everything, whilst at the same time so near to the most popular beaches of Teramo and the motorway.



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Spa - Centro Benessere

The wellbeing of individuals is the new philosophy that was the inspiration behind the idea of a wellness and sports facility due to open shortly at the Grotte dei Saraceni Country House.

Spa - Wellness Centre

La Piscina

The Grotte dei Saraceni Country House offers its guests a large swimming pool located in the large park that surrounds the establishment.


Pacchetti Benessere

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Packages Wellness

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