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The pleasure of the dining table

As a region, Abruzzo has an identity that is strong and distinctive, with a generous heart that is also seen at the dining table. The local regional cuisine is an art and, like all arts, it needs its tools, which in this case are the ingredients.

The produce from the land, farmed in accordance with age-old traditions, are treasures to be discovered, revealed and brought to the dining tables, releasing unique aromas that transform the entire area of Abruzzo into a food and wine experience that is acknowledged and appreciated not just in Italy but also abroad.

Tradition e modernity

Tradition in Abruzzo goes hand in hand with modernity and the agricultural, food-crop and livestock farms have found ways of intelligently and wisely making use of all the advances that the new tools and processing techniques have brought with them, without neglecting the age-old traditional procedures and country flavours. It is for this very reason that the menus of the Abruzzo region manage to merge tradition with modernity and create unique recipes encapsulating all the passion for the land and the local area.

Extra-virgin olive oil, DOC  wines produced from autochthonous vines, fruit and vegetables, meats,  cold cuts and cheeses, fresh pasta and mouth-watering desserts: banquet of traditional recipes of Abruzzo can contain dozens and dozens of different courses, from the appetisers to desserts, because, for the people of Abruzzo, the dining table is a reason for regional pride, an intertwining of traditions, culture and history that demonstrates how it is possible to maintain one's own identity despite the fact that the world around us is rapidly changing. The good food of Abruzzo is the perfect example of how to combine adapting to the changing times with preserving quality and authenticity, something  to be enjoyed slowly in order to relish dishes and recipes whose aromas evoke the wide valleys, the countryside, the coastlines teeming with fish and the townships, enlivened by their merry festivals and rural markets.




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