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The Thermal Spring

Thermal springs have been acknowledged and appreciated as the perfect place for regenerating both body and mind ever since ancient times . At the centre of its park, the Grotte dei Saraceni  has a thermal spring surrounded by a reed bed and protected by weeping willows.

The hillside panorama, the peace and quiet of the countryside and the evocative views of the surrounding nature help make the thermal spring an even more pleasantly relaxing venue in which the regenerative powers of the waters merge with a setting that is reinvigorating and capable of prompting renewed contentment and inspiring positive thoughts. 



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Spa - Centro Benessere

The wellbeing of individuals is the new philosophy that was the inspiration behind the idea of a wellness and sports facility due to open shortly at the Grotte dei Saraceni Country House.

Spa - Wellness Centre

La Piscina

The Grotte dei Saraceni Country House offers its guests a large swimming pool located in the large park that surrounds the establishment.


Pacchetti Benessere

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Packages Wellness

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