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The tradition of wellbeing and good taste

Abruzzo is one of the Italian regions in which green areas and food-crop and livestock farming traditions are most firmly and deeply entrenched. The passion for the land and its produce is reflected and revived at the dining table where Abruzzo's menus provide a fest of fresh and authentic ingredients and dishes.

When it comes to Abruzzo's culinary tradition no course is excluded, from the appetisers (traditional cold cuts and cheeses) to the starters, which feature fresh pastas, thick soups and vegetable broths to main courses based on meat, such as the well known Abruzzo “arrosticini” (lamb kebabs) or fish (Abruzzo is in fact a region that extends from the mountains down to the sea).

Even the desserts, prepared in a variety of different forms in which the main ingredients are honey and aromatic preserves have an important, age-old history that has its origins firmly planted in traditional farming society.


When taste becomes lifestyle

Flavour is inseparably linked with quality and in Abruzzo the lands are farmed and tended with the same passion as in bygone days, together with new, modern equipment to improve the harvest and process the produce. Sant’Omero, the municipal area in which the Grotte dei Saraceni Country House is situated, is particularly well known for its superior quality extra-virgin olive oil and excellent DOC  wines, made by winemakers who grow their own grapes and produce the wine directly in the area. The agritourism establishment’s own winery produces a large selection of local regional wines which include the Cerulli Irelli – Spinozzi labels.

The variety of regional recipes is supported and made possible by the rich diversity of the local area, where the environmental and climatic conditions are perfect for producing the fruits of the earth. The people of the Abruzzo region, lovers of good food since time immemorial, have developed a dazzling array of recipes over the centuries, bringing all their traditional country knowledge to the art of cooking -  from the colours to the aromas, every mouthful and every meal will know entice your senses.




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The wellbeing of individuals is the new philosophy that was the inspiration behind the idea of a wellness and sports facility due to open shortly at the Grotte dei Saraceni Country House.

Spa - Wellness Centre

La Piscina

The Grotte dei Saraceni Country House offers its guests a large swimming pool located in the large park that surrounds the establishment.


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